10.10.2019 - In germany again. Many fashion shows are coming soon. Next one is gonna be the consumenta in nürberg. As dance model I´m gonna be every day there at the fashion show. See you there.

23.04.2019 - Back in Ibiza in the Palladium Theatre in my job as dancer in my wonderful dance team of palladium

11.07.2018 - Currently many times in Hamburg City in the theatres and training rooms of Stage Entertainment

21.04.2017 - Back on the island Ibiza in the dance team of palladium in the biggest theatre in playa den bossa.


Pictures and Videos you can find in "Dancer" on this website

22.10.2016 - Tomorrow, the Consumenta will start in Nürnberg again.

There you can see the danced fashion Show with me and the models/dancer of CAWI Concept.

Every Day at 11 am and 4 pm.

15.10.2016 - Back in germany !

All the pictures and videos of the theatre shows in the Hotel Palladium Palace  in Ibiza you can find at "dancer"

There will be a lot of solistic parts or couple parts with me or original choreographies, for example the most popular dance of "Dirty Dancing".

Also you can find Photos and Videos of my new skill "Hoop".

16.04.2016 - Ibiza is calling!

Tomorrow, on the 17th of April i`m gonna leave Germany for 6 month to work as a dancer in the Grand Palladium Palace resort and Spa in Ibiza.

21.11.2015 - The rehearses just started. In the christmas time I will be dancing in the resumption of the musical "Norika" again as puppet and demon.

Premiere: 28.11.2015

You can buy tickets here: or 0911 231 4000

4.11.2015 - The golden 20s Dessous Fashion Show.

At the 4th,5th,12th,17th, and 19th of November I will dancing as charleston dancer/model for Madison Models in Mayen, Gaggenau, Köngen, Marktredwitz and Schwandorf. You can see soon pictures at "model"

3.11.2015 - I´m back in germany. Back, with lots of experiences and repertoire.

It was a great time in crete with many danceshows. You can find the pictures and videos at "dancer" "on stage" "videos". My performances as singer you can find at "singer".

I´m available again in germany.

20.4.2015 - For the next 6 month I will be in crete, working as fitness animator and dancer for shows in Club Calimera in the Hotel Sirens Beach.

For this time, you can`t book me.

13.3.2015 - Next time you can see me on fashion shows for the summer season:

On 21th and 22th of march i will dance at the "Brückencenter" in Ansbach

On 26th of march i will be in Erding

and on 27th and 28th of march i will be in Regensburg

The new fashion of the summer will be danced :-)

17.2.2015 - New recordings at the recording studio. Find my songs soon at the rubric "singer"

6.1.2015 - successful dernier of the christmas musical "Norika".

Hopefully we can show this musical again next autumn during the winter season at the "Heilig Geißt Spital" in Nürnberg.

Then I would be dancing again as a puppet and as demon.

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